Kerala Thali


Kerala thali is an array of authentic dishes from Kerala served along with rice, pappad and pickle.

Theeyal- Shallot curry with spiced & roasted coconut paste
Avial- A medley of vegetables cooked in a spiced coconut paste and curry leaves
Olan- Blackeyed peas and White pumpkin curry  flavored with coconut milk and curry leaves
Beet pachadi- Spiced beets with yoghurt
Cabbage thoran- Sauted cabbage with spices and grated coconut
Sambhar- Spiced carrot and potato curry with lentils flavored with a tamarind based spiced coconut paste
Inji puli- A spiced ginger pickle with tamarind
Parippu pradhaman- A moong dal dessert with brown sugar and coconut milk




Authentic Kerala flavors in one dish. This is offered every first WEDNESDAY of each month.