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Our History

Masala Kraft Cafe is a specialty Indian cafe that prepares myriad offerings from different parts of India.

We have street foods from Delhi and Mumbai that have the essence of what Indian food means . From delicious small plates of vegetarian appetizers to that royal thalis as Entrees we have chosen that would appeal to the global palette, all served fresh daily from our inviting and contemporary , casual restaurant that makes for an amazing dining experience for all.

With twenty-five years of experience in perfecting recipes and mastering the craft of Indian cooking, we have been able to achieve our dream of opening and running a Indian bistro that brings the savory and classical tastes from all parts of India all the way to Hartsdale , New York

Jasumati Vaghji has been a very passionate North Indian cook all her life. She has been cooking up North Indian dishes for all her family at her home. She grew up in London where her family currently resides. She has extensive experience in working at restaurants in London. After coming to the US, she gathered experience working in Connecticut in the restaurant industry. She wanted to extend her love for home cooking to all around her. This prompted her to take up Masala Kraft Cafe in Hartsdale. She does the home cooking at her best.She can be reached at

Jasumati Vaghji